Let me refinish YOUR Furniture!

Is there a piece of furniture in your home that is LOST and needs to be FOUND?  Well I want to inform you that I can take those pieces that you already own in your home and MAKE THEM NEW AGAIN! And if you have no way of getting these worn down pieces to me, I can pick them up! (Just look under my delivery tab to find out prices!)  SOOO... If you do have a piece you want me to refinish for you, you just need to follow these few simple steps:

1. In order to get a close estimate I need a picture of the piece you have in mind (or see it in person) and the color you would like it to be. Color has a huge effect on price because some colors use WAY more paint than others.

2. You either need to bring the piece(s) to me, or I can pick them up. Make sure you let me know when we are talking about prices that you inform me of whether I am doing the delivery or not. I will give you a day when they should be done. This varies, depending on how many orders I have in front of you :)

3. Anxiously wait and dream of what your furniture will look like while I play furniture doctor and  bring your lost piece back to life!

4. Come back to pick up/or wait for me to deliver the new "FOUND" piece(s)! (This is my most favorite part! I LOVE watching all of your excited faces when you reunite with your furniture!)

5. Live happily ever after with your "new" furniture :) (I guess this is my favorite part too!)

and finally...
6. Don't forget to share the love and tell other friends about how they can get their furniture looking great like yours!

**NOTE: I will also pick up a piece of furniture from you that is "LOST" in your home that you do not wish to keep anymore. I will pick it up and haul it myself, free of charge! Don't waste your time loading and unloading your furniture just to haul it off to the D.I. or any other thrift store. If you think the piece(s) are usable or fixable that I might be able to use, please call me and I will take them off of your hands!

I am looking forward to being able to help you with your LOST pieces of furniture! So please call me!!


  1. Okay, I have a dining room table (six chairs) that needs some love. I love the style, but not the finish. I really like the creamy distressed finish you give to your shabby chic pieces. Can you give me a ball park figure? bethanygubler@yahoo.com I will bring them out and pick them up.

  2. I am wondering if you could give me a ballpark range on refinishing a piano. I am wanting to buy one, but hoping to save money by buying one that just needs a little love. Please let me know. car24@infowest.com

  3. Hi to refinish a piano it would start at around $300.00 and goes up from there. Depends on the color you want and what finish is currently on it. Please send me a pic with your number and we cam talk, or just give me a call!


  4. I just found your blog today and I LOVE all of your work! You are very talented. I will be checking back often and hopefully will be buying some of your work soon. I love the turquoise table set. If I saw that sooner I would have bought it.

  5. i have vanity I've painted over wood, its staring to chip and I'm not liking the colors along with the bench. it doesn't have a mirror so its really just a desk with four tiny drawers . i was wondering how much it would cost to get that done by you? you can email me at erin.lorenzen13@gmai.com

  6. First things first.. I have a gorgeous heavy duty pedestal table and 4 chairs I picked up because I know they have great potential. I began to strip them but the previous owners applied paint like there was no tomorrow. It easily has 5 coats. I gave up and it is sitting in storage.. I really really LOVE your work, and your prices. Let me know if stripping that many layers is even something you would consider, if so, I will send those pictures and we will start this before and after change. Can't wait. rebecca.olsen2@gmail.com


  7. Hi, I have a Large King size bed that my husband is crying over bc I want it painted a creamy white color. I'm not sure how to get you picture of it on here, but if you want to email me I can send you a picture that way. I know that until you get into something the price is a little unknown. But I'd love to get an idea of price range. Thanks!